Thursday, 10 April 2008

My bubble and I...

So then, an entire new world for me to explore! The idea of being able to express my thoughts and feelings about the Emergency Deparment through the medium of 'the blog' - how terrifically exciting!

Well, I suppose I should introduce myself to you all... I am a of the group of people who look after and care for those who are less fortunate within the healthcare bubble. In other words, I am a nurse. Nursiedoll derives from my students days, where I was christened with the nickname 'Nursie' from my fellow med student aquaintances. The doll part I have adopted through being a member of ED and at times having the feeling of being treated like a doll, or puppet if you so wish. Being pushed and pulled in opposite directions and often running round in circles, as though being controlled by someone of a higher power ... the puppet master of the NHS!

I am beginning my online history because I feel the need to express certain issues regarding the healthcare setting becoming a business opportunity! People seem to be increasingly losing their identity and just becoming a number on a very long list. Statistics should not be involved where people's health is concerned, we are supposed to care, not have to think about targets and producing figures. On a day to day basis, certain situations occur, leaving one to question what direction the delivery of care is heading towards. The need to vent my feelings on certain matters is becoming increasingly vital.

Back to more personal issues, I am from an average background, from the usual 2.4 family - who have their differences. I am the first of my family to enter the healthcare profession and hope to encourage others to do the same - Honest! I am working in an ED department, which can be stressful to say the least and it is my 2nd year within such a setting. You could say I am still on that steep learning curve, leaning on certain people for that extra bit of support! I am a relatively good girl, don't smoke (usually), don't drink (heavily) and behave (mostly)!!

Anyway, I am going to stop discussing myself, as that is not the intention of this page. I will leave you anon, but will return to tell tales of life in ED and to hopefully keep you intrigued with my rantings from the ED bubble... Of course if you are not, I will never have to know...


DrShroom said...

Thanks; so far, my beginnings usually go ok... it's middle and end that ain't so good.
Anyway, thanks and welcome aboard, I guess - unless that's too patronising, but always good to hear another voice from the ED



NursieDoll said...

Thanks for the welcome message, its by far not patronising at all.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Welcome, Nursiedoll. I love the template you picked. Thank you also for leaving me such a nice comment on my site. I'm putting you on my roll too. Nice to have a new friend.