Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Life vs Death

So after my long winded answer to DrShroom regarding destiny and fate the other day i really do not have much to say. Arrived at work slightly late by about 2 minutes although plugged in, listening to music seemed to set my mood in a positive light, my work colleagues did not seem impressed with me, although i was not to bothered as i was extremely cheerful for the morning.

Work has been unusually weird with nothing spectacular happening. Although yesterday seemed to be 'death comes knocking at your door day! The first half of the day seemed to be full of CPR or post CPR patients...some passed away and some we managed to save (yay!). Which seems to link quite nicely with my discussion with DrShroom recently -

'Can you really ever contemplate fate without considering destiny? One either looks at destiny as an in alterable pattern of events which are unchangeable and inescapable leading to fate. Alternatively one takes the view point whereby individuals can choose their own destiny by reading the signs which destiny presents to us. I'm more apt to go with the second explanation - i believe there are certain situations and coincidences which happen in ones life which can assist you in making decisions, which in turn effects your life - everyone of us has choices - it is the facts presented and ones intuition which assist us to make a final decision. I'm more inclined to to contemplate it to your whole life but can see it is more apparent or should i say more visible in terms of mortality and soul mates. Fate implies their is no choice and is an outcome but destiny allows for willful participation. If fate is fixed does it matter the pathway of events one takes? Will the result still be the same or can one alter the outcome by altering their willful participation in the events (destiny) leading up to the outcome (fate)? Alternatively will altering ones destiny just prolong ones fate.'

Today's events seemed to be monotonous, as i was today given the 'red dot' - this meaning it was my shift to work on our observation ward which seemed to prove more challenging than usual. It went from an observation ward to a high care setting with the only disadvantage of having just one nurse-me but obviously a cost-effective use of the nurse! One patient who had taken an overdose was de-saturating on air to eight percent had aspirated, another was bradycardic, the other was hypoxic with SATs of 76%, tachycardic, tachyapnoeac and the rest.... Lately i have encountered negative aspects of care delivery. In an attempt to change practice it is highlighted we now must fill out clinical incidents with regards to inappropriate admissions to the observation ward - once again more paperwork - less time with and for the patient's = degrading levels of care delivery.

Although the ED does attract some strange people with inner aspects of oneself written on the outer aspect of their body, namely on on their sleeves. Which amuses me greatly at times. I was challenged today and accused of not being cost-effective with my use of resources..although probably true and agreed with the criticism, it seemed to go 'over my head' evidently i do not seem to place a high priority on cost effectiveness in regards to the use of resources with the department. One seems to place more emphasis on patient care rather than the business NHS which is evolving or being defined as by the ever so loving government of today's society! As long as we save money, hit our target goals, view people as numbers and dish out little of a our time and care to patients we will do well in the 'New evolving NHS - we will all be standardised and programmed like longer will we have diversity and variation in treatment and care delivery.

Ask yourself this, why do people and yourself enter the health care professions ? Is it to care for fellow human beings, a vocation or for status? I would be more inclined to say care for our fellow human beings although things seem to be moving away from working outside the box, caring and treating. These aspects seem to be diminishing or becoming almost 'forgotten' and disregarded in clinical practical today.


For The People said...

Hey nurses are the best. Great blog! Thanks for what you do!

Chrysalis Angel said...

I went into it so I would know what to do. I didn't want to be someone that just stood there looking. I wanted to help. Just popping in for a quick hello, Nusiedoll. Take care.