Saturday, 12 April 2008

I am a weird mood today for some bizzare unknown reason. I cant really explain it. It probably has something to do with the fact it is the weekend am once again I am back at work

Well to start off today we were formally told that we must look busy today as the SHA were visting the department, and obviously they are the 'giveaway' money service to those who are in need of apparently next week we will be asking them to fund us for an extra 10 nurses within the department. For starters asking us to look busy...thats just a bit condescending when do we not generally not run around in circles or chase our tail in the ED.......?

Then we get the usual not so interesting individuals that decide weekend visting to to ED is in need. Then you get the primary agencies sending more our way with poor transfer letter kinda explaining im passing this patient to you rather than attempting to sort them out myself...the usual 'get out clause' - a poor example of primary care referral or 'lack of it', stood at the for front of our doors. It is not surprising the medics whose fellow medics carry out things with such little regard for their fellow professionals become frustrated and at times dispair...i do empathise with them at times.

Anyway things can only prove to get better with my less than 12 hour turn around before being back in the ED.


Mousie said...

Guaranteed - if someone important is coming to visit us from the SHA (or wherever), the shift will be the quietest we have ever known, there will be more nurses than patients and all the doctors will be sat in their office playing scrabble and drinking coffee. Fact.

Nice blog, looking forward to reading more :o)

Baby Blue Pyjamas said...

Dont come in. Its bad. Posted illegaly from CDU.

GrumpyRN said...

Ah,yes, the dreaded "the chief executive is coming" syndrome. The department is empty and they really don't believe that you're normally rushed off your feet. In our department we managed to stop this dumping of patients by a few strongly worded letters to the relevant GP's and NHS 24/Direct. Takes time but it does work and is worth it. Keep up the blogging and I look forward to reading you.